CEO Greeting

Healthy begins inside !

Milssacn will be with you so that we can deliver it as it is.

Thank you very much for visiting our NXS Inc. homepage.
Our NXS Inc. began in 2015 with a view to scientifically reinterpreting natural products
to create “the best natural ingredient.”
We will do our best to develop products that prioritize customer health based on our
representative’s experience in health food business in leading domestic companies such
as Pulmuone and Yuyu Pharma over the past 30 years.
Since launching “ㅁㅆㅇ Milsacn”, a wheat grass-specialized brand in 2015
We are developing healthy foods based on natural products such as wheat sprouts and sprout barley.
We are developing sprout-related products such as the diet product “Milssac
Diet”,“Milssac Probio”for intestinal health, “Milssac Blue Eye” for eye health, and
“Organic barley sprout powder 100”.
NXS Inc. will always think about the customer’s health and do my best with the customer.
We want to make a safe and healthy health product by scientifically reinterpreting
natural products that are unstable and difficult to use.
We will repay you with a good product until the day all customers are healthy.
We sincerely thank our customers for their unwavering love and interest.
Thank you.