CEO Greeting


NXS Inc. was founded in May, 2015 as bio-venture. NXS is acronym of natural X science and means “Scientification of Natural Products”. NXS analyzes the natural products scientifically and intends to develop, produce and distribute dietary supplements good for wellness, functional cosmetics, healthy living items, etc. 


CEO Kim Heung-Seok, a founder of NXS has been responsible for healthy food business in the domestic leading companies such as Pulmuone and Yuyu Pharma, Inc for last 25 years, and completed doctoral course of health science in Korea University. NXS is making the products developed in respect of nutrition physiology based on 25 years’ experience of CEO Kim Heung-Seok’s.


NXS launched “ㅁㅆㅇ Milssacn”, a wheat grass-specialized brand in 2015, and distributing the healthy food such as “Milssac Diet”, “Milssac Probio”, “Milssac Blue Eye” , etc. developed on wheat grass basis.  Also, NXS is going to develop and distribute basic cosmetics such as mask pack, mist, skin and emulsion, and various kinds of living products such as milssac tooth paste, milssac natural soap bar, milssac shampoo, etc.