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Milssacn as a dietary food,

2016-03-10 21:18
※ This review is posted by 'Haenggaeng', a member participated as the Milssacn experience program

Now, it's March.
March 2016 already!

After 25 years' old, I feel my life as
if I ride on a roller coaster! Haha

I started an exercise and also try
well-controlled diet but it is not so easy
to continue. I decided myself "stop eating,
Haenggaeng", so I return to chubby!

Milssacn, a dietary food based on wheatgrass,
contains 10packs in a box.

One stick has 90kcal and good to
eat as a substitute for breakfast.
But, for the best effect, it is better to eat
in the evening.

Good eating habits, as people say, is to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and
unprocessed grains.

There are quite a lot of food indeed..
Protein, Wheatgrass, Kimchi lactic acid, Poly-gamma-glutamic acid, etc.

At first, a box of Milssacn contains 10 packs and
suitable for the diet of 10days!

Milssacn is based on wheatgrass and they say the
Company's core value is to contribute to the health
of its customers by providing good healthy food.

In case of eating Milssacn as a diet therapy purpose,
it is better to have in the evening as a substitute for a dinner.

So, in case you have one pack a day for 10 days,
about 600~800kcal intake of a meal will be decreased.

I just get started and need to watch myself..haha

Someone may concern for my nail. haha
My nails are getting longer and I need to go the nail shop but
I can't go as the beginning of every month is crazy busy.

Milssacn needs 200ml of milk, soymilk and
Wheatgrass diet.

This contains 25g.

It consists of real fine powders.
The powders are easily mix with milk or soy milk.
The 25g bag is rather big than I thought.

Prepare milk or soy milk, then
put the Milssacn in.

The Milssacn does not mix with the milk immediately
and the fine particle come up to the surface.

As I put them in the container, the bottle that
I get from Fuzzynavel, shake it well.
The mixing will be done in about 1~2 minutes.

Oh, it's well mixed now.

I get two paper cups of drink.
It's smooth and easy to drink than the health-shake
that I used to drink in the health center or playground.

Frankly, I don't like this type of drinks, and actually
I think it's quite important that drinking itself should be easy
in case of this functional drink.

[Source] Milssacn, selected as a diet food, | presented by 'Haenggaeng'