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Wheatgrass diet 'Milssacn' to improve physical constitution!

2016-03-10 21:20
※ This review is posted by 'e Su', a member participated as the Milssacn experience program

I am doing Yoga and Pilates three times a week these days.
The exercise boost my appetite, and I ate crazy at 12 a.m. such as
Instant noddle, meat and etc. hu~

Appetite suppression is not easy to last.. the next, seeing the gourmet post, I ate ravenously.
The purpose of my exercise is not to reduce weight but to grow muscle strength and improved flexibility but~

Eat too much after exercising! I am afraid I gain weight instead, so I decided to eat the wheatgrass diet food 'Milssacn' as a substitute for dinner.

The 'Milssacn' said to contains wheatgrass powder 10% and 2.5mg of Kimchi lactic acid bacteria. that are contained in the wheat germ powder containing 10%
One box of 'Milssacn' contains total 10 packs!

In case you are planning for 10 days Milssacn diet, you are to have
1/2 amount of usual breakfast, regular lunch, and to eat 'Milssacn' as a dinner.

In case you are planning for 5 days Milssacn diet, you are to eat
'Milssacn' as a breakfast, regular lunch, and 'Milssacn' as a dinner.

I intended to skip the breakfast and decided 10days diet program!
They say, in case you eat 'Milssacn' for one meal a day, you will get 600~800kcal loss a day.

'Milssacn', the diet food to maintain a slim body, is containing protein, dietary
fiber, vitamins and minerals, so you can easily intake in one meal the balanced nutrients
that your body want!

It is easy to eat the Milssacn.
All you need is to put the 'Milssacn' in 150ml~200ml of milk or soymilk,
shake well and drink!

Taking out the quality assurance sticker, you will find 10packs of 'Milssacn'.
'Milssacn', containing rich lactic acid, not only help you to keep in shape but also help to cure constipation.

Last time, when I test tried Milssac cleans(?), I get a good effect on constipation,
this time, trying with 'Milssacn', I also get the good result.

Put the 'Milssacn' and 200ml of milk in a shaker and shake it~ shake it!

This is my in-body report checked at a yoga institute
before I started the wheatgrass diet.

And, this is another in-body report checked after 5days of wheatgrass diet. As I checked wearing clothes, my body weight increased a bit.

However, my body fat decreased from 20.7% to 18.0%! wow~
And the amount of muscle increased from 20.7Kg to 22Kg!

I ate 'Milssacn' as a dinner after physical exercise and gained no weight and improved the physical fundamental. Increase of 0.5kg is nothing but the weight of clothes..haha
I am practicing 'keep in shape' while increasing the muscle quantity.

Exercise makes you healthier but makes you hungry.. 'Milssacn' helps you to endure the hunger.
Please note that you can get the purchase discount of won1,000 in case you dibs on the item in the store farm.

[Source] diet wheat germ, improve physical constitution with wheatgrass dietary food, 'Milssacn'. Presented by 'E Su'