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Wheatgrass diet 'Milssacn' is good choice for short-term diet.

2016-03-15 21:21
※ This review is posted by 'Yanbly', a member participated as the Milssacn experience program

It's getting warmer and warmer these days.
And I'm worrying cause I gained weight during the last winter.
(fatty always but act as if she get weight last winter)

Anyway she chose wheatgrass for fast diet.
Short diet program lasting only 10days.
It is a delicatessen for weight adjustment.
And the name is 'Milssacn'.

Speaking of short-term diet, many people worry that it may ruin body.
However, the wheatgrass diet 'Milssacn' contains balanced nutrients that our body requires such as protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, so very healthy diet food.
'Milssacn' is a delicatessen for you to keep in shape and to adjust weight.

'Milssac' is the abbreviation of young wheat grass in Korean and also called 'Milsoon' (wheat sprout).
'Milssac' contains chlorophyll, dietary fiber, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, etc. so I think it will be also good for constipation.

The wheatgrass diet 'Milssacn' , which is desirable for short term diet, contains 10% of nature endowed wheatgrass powder, wheat dietary fiber, fructo-oligosaccharide as the prey for lactic acid bacteria, 10% of Chicory fiber, and the poly-gamma-glutamic acid for the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria.

Taking the short term diet 'Milssacn' with moderate exercise will make your body healthier and sound.

Taking 'Milssacn' one time a day for 10days will result in the decrease of calorie equivalent to one meal (about 600~800kcal). In case you want even more reinforced diet, you can have 2 packs of 'Milssacn' a day for 10days.

Put one pack of 'Milssacn' in a cup with 200ml of milk or soymilk and stir well, or
put them in a bottle or shaker for easy mixing.

Shall we see the composition of 'Milssacn'?
Take out the quality assurance sticker upside of the box. Shelf life is 2 years
and it's good enough period.

There are 10packs in a box and it's for 10days use. It's hand hold size and easy to
carry anywhere.

In the 'Milssacn', powder type dietary foods are enclosed. Looks like grinded grain
in appearance, isn't it?

I prepared low fat milk. Lower calorie for me if available.
Put the milk and 'Milssacn' in the bottle and shake it~ shake it~

Yellowish green or emerald color? The taste is similar to 'misooggaru'~
Not so sweat as 'misooggaru' but, containing wheatgrass, it was more delicate flavor.

Those who want healthy diet while improving physical constitution!
Those who concern for weight control, like me haha
Those who lack of nutrients due to reckless diet!
Those who looking for a diet capable of meal control!
Now, do not endure the hunger. Here is healthy, delicious and short-term diet.
Why don't you try the wheatgrass diet 'Milssacn'!!

[Source] The wheatgrass diet 'Milssacn', good for short term diet.
| presented by Yanbly
- I do love Milssac Pro Bio!